Week 40 Baby-Step Creation: Fantastic and Exciting Hemming

Apologies for the title, it’s a complete lie. There comes a time in your life when you will need to do some DIY sewing that will not be fantastic, nor exciting. Perhaps it’s a button or a simple patch up, and in my case today – it’s hemming a pair of pants. This stuff can be super simple but potentially (always!) boring and time-consuming. BUT the sense of accomplishment is always a winner.

Today we headed off to get my partner some pants for camp tomorrow – totally last minute (I thought i was just the kids that did these things the day before, not the teachers!) and the only suitable ones we could find were a tad too long. So I was sweet-talked into some last minute hemming. I’ll admit, it’s not my forte but I’m always willing to give something new and crafty a go.

To hem a pair of pants you will need:

  • pants (duh…)
  • needle
  • thread
  • scissors.


Your first move is to measure up your pants. I got Ramon to put them on and I folded up the hem so that they were hanging just off the ground, almost at the bottom of his heel.


Turn them inside out and pin all the way round one leg and then measure the same length for the other leg. Take a deep breath, it’s time to the sew.

Now arguably there is another item you’ll need, and it will make sewing a million times easier (I feel I’m not over exaggerating here, but you be the boss). This item is a needle and thread buddy and will make the prospect of doing boring pants hemming/button sewing a much more attractive way to spend the next 20 minutes. You can pick one of these up from the local craft store. It’s as simple as threading the needle through the looped end…


…and then threading a length (approx 60cm) doubled over thread through the loop.
IMG_5132Pull the needle off the loop and it’s magically threaded the needle for you! Best 50c I’ve ever spent 🙂

When hemming pants, begin by sewing a knot – your doubled over thread already provides you with a looped end, so you can just thread the needle through and pull to make it tight. It’s pretty important that when hemming, you show the least amount on thread on the outside of the pant. This is helped by making lots of short stitches and only grabbing a small amount of pants material with your needle. Colour matching your thread will also assist with this even if some of the stitches show through.


Practice makes perfect, and don’t be too alarmed if you need to have a few goes at it.

IMG_5133 IMG_5124

My ‘after’ pic is boring as, because when it comes down to it, it’s just hemming a pair of khaki pants. But I’m really proud of my effort, and the stitching worked out really well. I might pop the iron over it, and they should become almost invisible.



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