Week 39 Baby-Step Creation: Foxy Nursery Artwork

It’s an Art Attack! Ages and ages ago I went to Spotlight on a mission to find my next project I found an adorable cartoon fox iron on transfer. I bought it on the spot, with a reminder set in my brain to use it on something cute in the future. Now the time has come.

This is a simple artwork project, and all you’ll need is:

  • a small canvas
  • an iron on transfer
  • a calligraphy pen
  • hot glue gun (or any quick setting material glue).


If you are the arty type or looking for a challenge you could buy a lovely bunch of paints and have a go yourself. I am strictly a craft person NOT an artist, so I’ll stick with what I know! Now, I took my inspiration for this from an Etsy painting I saw online, and though ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’ was a super cute phrase to use with my gorgeous fox.


Practise makes perfect! Before you start writing on your canvas, have a go at the typeface you want to replicate on some scrap paper, and then as below – have another practice on the back of the canvas so you can see how the pen will take to the material.


Stick and place your transfer on and you’re ready for the hard bit.
IMG_5115 IMG_5117 IMG_5118

So a word of advice – calligraphy pens are inky as (surprise!). You’ll see above I managed to smudge my gorgeous work of art at the last moment! Sigh. But you know what, the materials are so cheap that if I was going to give it as a gift for someone’s new baby I’d put this one down to practice and just buy a new canvas, peel off the transfer and start from scratch. Easy šŸ™‚


Love to hear your ideas...

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