Week 38 Baby-Step Creation: Adorable Lavender Hand Warmers

Baby, it’s cold outside! And when taking Mr Moon Boots for early morning walks, the hoodies and trackies just aren’t cutting it as we’re moving full steam into Autumn. So, I present to you on this chilly Thursday evening: pocket-sized hand warmers from Hello Natural.

You’ll need:

  • Rice
  • Felt
  • Thread & Needle
  • Lavender
  • Scissors (not pictured – oops!)


Start off by cutting out a template for your hand warmers – I kept with the heart-shaped one in the tutorial because it was so darn adorable 😉


Cut out your two pieces of felt (fasten the template with your needle to help it stay in place) and then start stitching round the edges. I started out with really small stitches, but the thread pulls the felt together really well, so just work it out as you go along.


Make sure you’ve left a hole to full up your little package with rice and lavender, and then finish your stitching.


Well, that was ridiculously easy – now I’m looking forward to the 6.00am stroll round the block (kind of…)!


Love to hear your ideas...

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