Week 37 Baby-Step Creation: Keepsake Fridge Magnets

This title is potentially misleading. I’m the first to admit I’m a massive hoarder from way back, but I’ll also defend my right to keep memorable keepsakes from different stages in my life and squirrel them away for sentimental reasons. Or pick up cute things from craft and antique stores that are aesthetically pleasing and bury them away too. Kept away in boxes and forgotten about they may have been, but I’ve now thought of a way to change this – make them magnetic!

I purchased a roll of magnetic tape for a work project but we didn’t end up using it all so I thought instead of buying magnets for the fridge, I’d make a bunch of my own.IMG_4968

I went sorting through the drawers and boxes that I keep all the random stuff that I can’t part with, and found a whole bunch of things I could get crafty with.


Luckily the magnetic tape is self adhesive, so no glue required – just grab some scissors and start chopping up the tape to size.


As seen here – you don’t need to be precious about making the backs look tidy, it’s more about magnet surface area for maximum magnetism!IMG_4971 IMG_4972


I’m pretty stoked to do something with these pennies we squashed at Tokyo DisneySea!IMG_4974


Love to hear your ideas...

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