Week 34 Baby-Step Creation: Apple and Carrot Puppy Treats

It’s been too long… and I’ll admit, I’ve been lazy. There, I said it! So it’s now time to redeem myself with this post. The ever adorable Hector is so spoilt, and I’ll be even more the doting faux-parent by baking him some treats this arvo.

Whilst scouring the Internet for dog treats, I’ve found lots that have sweet potato due to it’s stomach-soothing abilities. But I had some carrots and apples nearing the end of their use by date that needed to be cooked up and I stumbled upon this recipe by guest blogger Jess on Reluctant Entertainer for some simple treats. Check out their site for the full run down, but here’s my bikkies in pics:

IMG_4901 IMG_4903

The recipe says to peel the apples and carrots, but really just get the bulk of the tough skins off and you’re good to go.IMG_4904 IMG_4908


Hector so knew that something was up…IMG_4909 IMG_4910 IMG_4916

Now you know what they say about eating your own dog food… well I did, and they were a bit plain, but overall quite edible and full of healthy fruit and veges. I’d probs use a bit less flour that recommended as the treats stuck together quite well, so upping the fruit/vege factor would be easy to do and wouldn’t ruin the end product.IMG_4917


And were the results any good according to an expert?

IMG_4918 IMG_4922

The treats are officially Hector-approved!


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