Week 33 Baby-Step Creation: Tiny Paper Stars

How is it that when you’re lucky enough to celebrate a horse race with a long weekend, it’s over before you know it and you haven’t achieved anything you set out to do? I did manage to catch up with friends and family on Saturday, Sunday and today, so it ain’t so bad for my social life, but terrible for getting any blogging done. So my compromise is a simple little baby-step creation that you can whip up with items you have around the house.

When I was at school, we were always taking everyday standard issue stationery and turning them into cute crafts or games. Coloured paperclips folded into love hearts that we wore on our school jumper collars, pictures were drawn and snipped into pieces to make DIY jigsaws. But recently I remembered a very simple origami that made cute little decorative stars and thought I’d give it crack.

You’ll need:


Coloured paper

IMG_4852In fact, you probably don’t even need scissors – you could quite easily fold and crease your paper and tear down the straight line. And in double fact, you could just use some standard A4 computer printing paper depending on what effect you’re after.


Once you’ve cut your strip of paper (approximately 5-7mm thick, and 110mm or more long – although the longer the length, the wider you can make the width), carefully loop it around like you would tie a knot. Again, with a careful hand, pull it tight so that the paper knot is flattened, with the edges all roughly the same size.


Tuck in the short edge so you have the makings of a pentagon. Then take the long section and fold around the sides of the pentagon knot, again tucking in the edge when you’ve run out of paper.


IMG_4856 IMG_4857

Holding your newly made mini paper pentagon between your thumbs and pointer fingers (both hands), dig in your fingernails into four sides to begin to form your star’s creases, and then finish off the fifth side’s crease.

IMG_4858 IMG_4861


I made a bunch of these super cute stars, but I’m not sure what to do with them next! Tiny star garland? 3D greeting cards? Slightly too big confetti? You decide and let me know 🙂





2 thoughts on “Week 33 Baby-Step Creation: Tiny Paper Stars

  1. Oh, my godfathers, these are so adorkable. I just took a ten minute mental break from work and tried it out with some bright yellow paper in my recycle bin. I have baby stars!
    Thank you for the brain break. And the sweetly artistic idea.
    Loved it!


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