Week 32 Baby-Step Creation: The Sweetly Sinful Stall

This is a ‘not so’ baby-step creation. This is like a baby-step creation on a serious mission. Welcome to Sophia’s delicious endeavour – Sweetly Sinful.

Not content with simply living the regular life – going to work, hanging out with family and friends and lazing about like the rest of us chumps, Sophia decided to follow a dream of creating, making and baking a range of tasty desserts such as fudges, slices, cupcakes and more, and providing them eagerly to the masses via market stalls.


Now this is no flash in the pan idea! This has been a clearly thought out, providing-samples-to-your-soccer-team type project that took a whole lot of passion, hard work, creativity and clever business thinking to make the dream become reality.


Today Hector and I visited the Sweetly Sinful stall on yet another sweltering hot South Australian summer day at the Fullarton Markets, a lovely half day market with a wide array of fresh produce, jewellery, doggie snacks, homewares and condiments. Amongst the well-received shade we found Sophia with her loyal helpers all doing their bit – selling desserts, tallying up the day’s favourites, offering free samples and making some very lucky kids smile. This is no simple operation, everyone doing their part and it seems very well worth it – for the short amount of time I hung about, many customers were asking questions (“what’s a FruChoc?”) and snapping up some good deals (3 for $10, uh yes please!).


Now a permanent stall holder at the Fullarton Markets, you’ll be able to check out Sweetly Sinful and make a beeline for the same spot every time.


Sophia has been able to turn something that she loves to do in her spare time into a money-making reality, but perhaps what I love most of all is the drive to do so. How many times have you thought ‘gee, I love doing <insert craft/artsy/cooking/techy hobbies and ideas>, imagine how great it would be if I could get paid to do it!’ She’s actually got off her behind, made a plan, and followed through. If I wasn’t so downright impressed, I’d be a little bit jealous.


May I also say that grabbed some Classic, FruChoc and Coconut Rough fudge whilst there, and it is so delicious. I keep slicing off small bits to eat with my partner and now it’s almost all gone. What an absolute winner – stay tuned to Sweetly Sinful’s Facebook page for the next market venue and make sure you head on over.

You won’t be disappointed!



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