Week 29 Baby-Step Creation: Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Sweetheart

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is approaching. Fast. AND it’s on the weekend, which is a double whammy – not only will your best girl pals be busy on Saturday, but it’s because they will be lovin’ it up with their other half. Boooooooooo-urns.

BUT if you do have a special someone in your life, or at the very least someone who deserves to know that you’re down right crazy about them, then this creation is absolutely perfect for you. Also, it’s rather thrifty so if he or she doesn’t want anything to do with you (uh, what a misguided jerk!) then you haven’t blown the bank either. Only the sting of total and utter heartbreak will linger. Ok, enough, let’s get into this.


Inspired by the guys at ‘Say Yes‘, you’ll need:

Red embroidery thread

A large needle with a large eye

A permanent texta

Some thick card or art paper



Cut out your card, and then make a template that you’ll apply to the card’s front. The heart template I chose was a bit of trial and error, but I ended up with something somewhat representing a heart 🙂 Finally, transferring the template is pretty straightforward – press down hard with a ball point pen (but not so hard you break through the paper) and it leaves a light imprint.




Then start stitching – as a kid I was quite the little cross stitcher, and it all came flooding back to me. I started making each cross as I went along, but then remembered that it’s easiest to go all the way across the line just sewing one stitch, and then return back with the cross over stitch.



When you’ve finished your love heart, make a knot at the back using your needle. Don’t worry about it being neat and tidy – much like the front of the card, it’s meant to look a bit rustic and handmade.


I decided I would use a quote (using the word heart) that my partner knows all too well.


And why stop at one card (or lover…)?


This time I pre-poked out the holes – it made the stitching about 20 times easier and faster. Success!

IMG_4742I embellished these a little around the edges, but clearly you don’t need to be a magnificent artist or crafter to make these cards look super cute. Although I did come across some evidence that I was a master cross stitcher in a previous life time (1992 to be exact – according to the handprinted notes on the back).




Love to hear your ideas...

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