Week 28 Baby-Step Creation: Elbow Patches… kind of

I was really stoked for this elbow patches creation – when we were in the US a few years back, my friend Renie bought this gorgeous jumper with heart-shaped elbow patches, and since then I’ve been on the hunt for one myself. So I thought, why not do it myself?


I found a jumper that I didn’t wear very much because it was a bit plain, and gave it my blessing to go forth and be more spunky! It’s pretty self explanatory, cut out the shape you want the elbow patch to be (a template like above can help the shapes remain the same size).



To ensure you get the right place on your jumper, put it on and grab a permanent texta. ‘X’ marks the spot, and you’re ready to roll.



Or so I thought.

Ok, I’m putting a pause on this creation – when I was sewing the patch on, the edges were endlessly fraying. I didn’t even take a picture because it was so awful and ruined!

I’ll head off to Spotlight and but some felt and get right back to this post… stay tuned 🙂


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