Week 27 Baby-Step Creation: Doggy Door Hack

Mr Moon Boots Hector has already featured in this blog, and now he gets a whole post dedicated to him… and his inability to use the pricey doggy door we had installed especially for him. Talk about rude! But really, he is a gorgeous wussy dog and just needed some training wheels.


In a nutshell, he wasn’t too keen on the hard plastic door, to the point where he refused to use the door at all. Epic fail #1. We ended up taking the door off completely, but proceeded to get bitten alive my mosquitoes that evening. Epic fail #2.


We had a bit of a brainstorm, and in the morning we headed down to the hardware store to pick up some thick plastic, a bit like the type that hangs over the door in a deli or butcher.




It was lucky that the door’s frame made it easy to screw the door on and off, so we used the door as a template and cut out the temporary door. After one failed attempt at slicing holes in the top of the plastic, we worked out the right thickness that wouldn’t tear, but would fit in the clasps on the doorframe.




Hector took some serious coaxing, but eventually after a few bats with this paws, he went headfirst through his new door. Within hours he was a pro, and just a few days he graduated not only from puppy school but also up to the original doggy door, door. Hoorah, what a clever little pup!


IMG_4633 IMG_4634



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