Week 26 Baby-Step Creation: Washi Tape Galore

I’m hitting a major milestone with this Week 26 Baby-Step Creation – halfway through my challenge, WHHHAAAT? For a self-proclaimed commitment-phobe, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. To mark this event, I’m celebrating the with an item every good crafter should have at the ready: washi tape!

You’d have to be living under a pretty boring rock to not have heard about washi tape. We went to Japan 6 months ago, the home of washi tape, and I’ve been experimenting with a few simple washi tape projects ever since.

Right at the beginning of this blogging endeavour, you might remember my first attempt at washi tape decorating when I created the Coconut Oil Body Scrub.

A recent obsession with washi tape has finished off this creation and it's now hanging on the shower caddy in the bathroom.

And then I used washi for the Christmas Advent Calendar.

IMG_3924I’ve been busy with a couple more < 5 minute ideas too – super simple like the ones above, and if you’ve got a few rolls of washi tape handy (if not head over to Spotlight or Lincraft), you’ll probs be able to find the other items around your home.






Another quick one to spruce up a simple household item. Start with a simple vase…


…and add ribbon and washi tape (of course!).


The options really are endless – your imagination’s the limit 🙂


Love to hear your ideas...

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