Week 25 Baby-Step Creation: Giving New Life to the Chairs

We’re on the move! My partner and I have just spent a couple of hectic weeks clearing out and cleaning our rental property and now we’re all settled in our perfect new home – a picturesque 1930s bungalow right near our childhood school. We’re still without broadband, so I’m lovingly bringing a few posts this weekend via my mobile, so this could take a while…

We have been fortuitous enough to inherit some special furniture from my Nanna, including a gorgeous dark timber sideboard, dining table and chairs. Whilst the sideboard and table don’t need a thing done to them, I thought I’d give the chairs a bit of a face lift.


In a lucky break for me, this was a pretty ‘quick and dirty’ hack – the cushions in the chairs just pop right out, so I didn’t even need to get my hands on a staple gun (although halfway through I realised that some dressmakers’ pins made life easier).


I decided to go for a simple navy material to match my Nanna’s nautical placemat set and a bunch of navy and white striped seat cushions I picked up from Target a few weeks back. The material alone looks quick cute though, and it only set me back $6.99 / metre – this was enough for the six seats.


This really was as simple as measuring out (very roughly) squares that were big enough to cover the cushion’s surface area, and then pinning the corners to keep the material taught.IMG_4482 IMG_4485 IMG_4489 IMG_4487

I’m so stoked with the way they turned out, and I think my Nanna would be really happy they’ve found a new life in my new home 🙂IMG_4483


Love to hear your ideas...

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