Week 24 Baby-Step Creation: (Belated) Xmas Tree Ornament

This has been one busy summer break, and in all the rush I forgot to create this Xmas tree ornament. But there’s always a silver lining – now you’ll be more than ready for Christmas 2015! This was another one I found on Flipboard via Make Magazine, and you can find it on the Fireflies and Mudpies site.


Another great way to use some of the gorgeous ribbons I’ve collected, and I found a dried out twig in my backyard. Start bys knotting yourself a star for the top of your tree.IMG_4369

Then you can get onto knotting on the ‘branches’. Don’t worry if the lengths aren’t quite right, you can trim them to size once your tree is complete with branches.

IMG_4370 IMG_4372 IMG_4373

I took a couple goes at trimming the ribbons – my first attempt wasn’t so great, and the ribbon at the bottom wasn’t as sturdy as the others and flopped about too much – it got cut off completely!IMG_4377 IMG_4380

And here we are – it actually looks quite cute on both the smooth and knotted side. Knot on some kitchen twine (or extra ribbon) so you can hang in on your tree… in 12 months…

And once again, my new side kick was very interested in what was going on 🙂


Love to hear your ideas...

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