Week 23 Baby-Step Creation: Tassel Garland

We’re moving to our very first home in a month’s time, and I’m desperately trying to rid  myself of lots of unnecessary stuff, but the challenge is to do this without being too wasteful. One of my first baby-step creations was the pom pom bookmark, and as I established a couple weeks ago I’m not a knitter, so I have a bunch of wool left over. I came across this very cute (and super simple) tassel garland how-to via Flipboard on the Jacks and Kate website.


The best thing about this is that all the things you’ll need can be held in one hand! Some colourful wool, a pair of scissors and a business card. I also used kitchen twine (as recommended in the tutorial) for a slight contrast.

Wind the wool around your business card until you’re happy with the thickness (I wound it around 30 full revolutions).

IMG_4297At one end tie a very tight knot, and then snip at the other end of your card.

IMG_4298 IMG_4294

Tie the top of your tassel with the twine (or wool) tight and then trim the bottom so it’s even and at the length you’re after.
IMG_4303When you’ve made enough for your garland, start to thread them onto a length of twine – I got out a large sewing needle to help easily thread through the tassels without damaging them.


I decided to pop this on a cork board that I’ll start adding photos and keepsakes for display at the new home. But you could easily make one of these up for decoration at a baby shower or other fun celebration, I’m thinking ribbons would make a really cool addition to this garland.IMG_4308 IMG_4310This was very simple, and although a bit fiddly at the beginning, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Although I was slightly slowed down by the new addition to our house – Hector.


Adorable, but very cheeky! Lucky he fell asleep (eventually).IMG_4301


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