Week 22 Baby-Step Creation: The Great Cookie Swap

A part of my creative year is not only about creating the ‘things’ but thinking outside the box about how I can share this experience with my nearest and dearest. In my previous post you saw Yasmin’s rugs, and now this is what I’m calling the Great Cookie Swap, inspired by Bree’s post in The Creative Mama.

The rules are simple (although as we found, can be stressful and complex in real life!):

  1. Bake cookies (approx. 6 x your number of fellow bakers)
  2. Wrap in pretty paper
  3. Write down the recipe for each of your friends
  4. Share the love!

And that’s what we did! Five attendees at the Great Cookie Swap meant 4 separate packages of cookies, and each with their accompanying recipe card.

I made oatmeal cookies, wrapped in cellophane and topped off with the origami bows I showed you guys a couple weeks back.

IMG_4134 IMG_4137

And the girls really brought it home with their creations – I was one happy and proud friend/baker! Here they are in all their glory:

IMG_4143 IMG_4146 IMG_4148 IMG_4147

What an effort – thanks to Louise, Yas, Bec and Ailini for being such good sports xxx Merry Christmas y’all.


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