Week 21 Baby-Step Creation: Coloured Woollen Rugs

I’m very and truly excited to announce that I’ve got a guest creator for this post! Right from the beginning I wanted to share this journey with some of my very creative friends, and here’s the first shot. One of the the greatest things about doing this is that I can write about some skills that I don’t have myself, and this one is right up there – knitting!

Let me introduce you to Yasmin, someone who I met all the way back in kindy and reconnected through working at the same supermarket during our uni years. Yas has been knitting for a very long time  – originally learning knitting for it’s calming and anti-stress components but it’s turned into a well-loved hobby since then. And lucky for me, Yas has generously agreed to share some of her hard work with me for my site.

Recently Yas was a bridesmaid in a childhood friend’s wedding and she decided to knit a special blanket as their wedding gift. Taking inspiration from their dresses, she used the three colours to theme the blanket, using a gorgeous neon pink (Yas’ favourite colour) to contrast and bind them together.



She’s chosen to use a single moss stitch to knit each 10cm x 10cm square, using 8 ply wool and 4mm knitting needles.


So, what’s a single moss stitch I hear you say (well, it’s definitely what I’m asking!). You can head over to Queen of DIY’s Knitting for Beginners for a full run down, but if you’re in the knitting-know: single moss is just one stitch, purl one stitch, repeated every row and making sure that you have an odd number of stitches so that you start and end on a knit stitch (this stops it from curling up at the sides). Alright!

The wedding gift was designed to be either a decorative piece in the lounge room, or it would be the right size for a pram (*hint hint* to the newlyweds!)


Her second blanket (a work in progress) is a much larger rug consisting of 110(!) squares and uses different colours and knitting techniques to create a true feeling of fun, quirkiness, texture and warmth. All that’s left is to sew on the polar fleece onto the back to give it a finishing touch.

Now she’s up to her third blanket – one lucky little boy is going to have a lovely snuggly rug for his first birthday. This one is using a single wool that consists of a tie-dyed blue/green/white mix.


Big ups to Yas for letting me share her creations (and for letting me use some of her words too!). Stay tuned for some pics of the completed creations.



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