Week 20 Baby-Step Creation: Big Shirt to Small Singlet

Hiya, late on a Sunday night I’ve got my second scissors tutorial for the weekend. My partner recently bought a guitar when we were in Japan, and we got a free t-shirt with the purchase (score!). He wasn’t keen on it, but I hung onto it (because I’m a mad hoarder) and have now found a reason to bring it out of the wardrobe. Here’s where we turn an oversized t-shirt into a small tank top.

IMG_4011So, grab some quality scissors and a t-shirt and you’re almost there. I’d also recommend sewer’s pencil (or some chalk or a white eye pencil) and a singlet you like the shape of.

This is pretty self explanatory – cut the neck and sleeves similar to your tank top, and also across the bottom depending on how long the t-shirt is.

IMG_4014 IMG_4015 IMG_4016

Then to add some detail, and to make the size of the shirt smaller across your chest and back, take a couple slices from the bottom of the t-shirt or sleeve and wrap them round the straps at the back, tucking in the ends to hide them away,


And that’s it. I actually really wasn’t a fan about how this turned out (so I won’t name the site I found this on, but y’know, Pinterest – it’s not hard to find a bunch of them). It’s gapey all round – at the neckline on the front and across my lower shoulder blades at the back. But in the spirit of Craft Fails and whatnot, it’s worth posting anyway. A creation is a creation, and I can’t be perfect at all of them!


Excuse the mess as we’re in the midst of de-cluttering and puppy-proofing our home!


Excuse the mess as we're in the midst of de-cluttering and puppy-proofing our home!

I might have a go at re-doing the back getting out the sewing machine to zip up the sides, making it a little smaller.


Love to hear your ideas...

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