Week 19 Baby-Step Creation: Beautiful Origami Bows

This weekend will be a double act – two tutorials that only require a pair of scissors and materials you’ll easily find around the house. First up: pretty origami bows.

With Xmas just round the corner, it’s a chance to create your own gift wrapping special touch with these paper bows. Now I’ll be honest, it took me a couple of goes to get the hang of it. So a little trial and error is expected, but once you get the knack of it you’ll be churning each one out in no time at all!


I broke out an old Frankie mag for some really pretty paper to use, and measured up a square – it helps to get the accurate as possible. I found the tutorial for these bows whilst scanning Flipboard, and although I’m not going to go through every little detail in this post you can find Helen’s brilliant step-by-step instructions at her blog Let’s Create.

Here’s the rest of the gallery…

IMG_3982 IMG_3983 IMG_3984 IMG_3987 IMG_3992 IMG_3994 IMG_3996 IMG_3999 IMG_4001 IMG_4002 IMG_4003


So check out Helen’s instructions, and don’t get too downhearted if your paper won’t fold in the right way or looks totally different – you must persevere! Because check out the gorgeous results 🙂IMG_4004 IMG_4005 Christmas is all sorted now!IMG_4009


Love to hear your ideas...

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