Week 18 Baby-Step Creation: Hot Chocolate Sticks

As we get closer and closer to Xmas, unexpected guests tend to drop around with gifts and you’re left wishing you’d thought ahead. Have no fear of surprise door knockers, as these hot chocolate sticks are so simple and you’ll be able to throw them together in no time at all with many items already in the pantry.


You can use as much chocolate as you like, dark, milk or white chocolate will do. Melting chocolate is a delicate undertaking and you can do all that double-boiler nonsense, or you can just use your trusty microwave on medium-high, giving the chocolate a stir everyone 30 seconds or so.

A standard ice cube tray will do, but I bought some silicon moulds in order to make it easier to pop out at the end. A hot tip is to give the trays a quick spray with some coconut oil.IMG_3948 Pick some sweet ingredients to decorate – they’ll be delicious when you get to swirling them in hot milk.IMG_3950 IMG_3951 You may want to wait five or so minutes and stick in pop sticks (I bought bigger wooden sticks from the craft store).IMG_3953In the bigger moulds you can put more chocolate in and support a spoon – this would make a really cute gift!
IMG_3958 Add washi tape and wrap them for the Christmas season – you’re good to go.IMG_3959Delicious!



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