Week 15 Baby-Step Creation: Ribbon Cake Garland

I’ve been bad. But I have a good excuse, I had a friend’s wedding last weekend and was super busy! But still, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. To make up from my absence last weekend, hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen – here comes a double header! In fact, this is actually going to work out well as this two-step creation needs two separate posts, so now I present post one – this very pretty ribbon garland.


Today I’m inspired by Chandra Fredrick over at Oh Lovely Day. And who wouldn’t be with this gorgeous DIY!

All you need is a couple of bamboo skewers, some quality scissors and a handful of brightly coloured ribbons. I’ve gone for a pink theme today – perfect for your little girl’s next birthday (but I don’t discriminate – if you love pink, I’m totally on board).


I was going to measure out all the same lengths, but I wasn’t sure what kind of pattern I wanted, or how big the garland would end up, so I just measured and cut as I went along.


You can tie your ribbons on however you like, but the ‘hitch’ knot recommended in Chandra’s blog is pretty simple, she gives you a step by step guide.



And that’s all there really is to it – squash them up tight (that’s how I started), or space them out with big knots (that’s how I ended) – it’s really up to you and what sort of think you’re looking for.


So, now I’m going to need a cake, right? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post…


Love to hear your ideas...

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