Week 14 Baby-Step Creation: Headband Scarves

I’m a bit of a scarf addict, which I wholeheartedly believe is hereditary on both sides of my family tree. I doubt my mum nor aunt ever leave the house without one. And with good reason – a well chosen scarf instantly brings colour to a plain ensemble, or provides an enviable extra layer in the varying springtime weather.

IMG_3812Some of the less worn scarves I have tend to be more delicate, or of a shorter length. I’m not big on just tying them in a bow around my neck, but they’re too pretty (and sentimental) to give away. After I had a browse around the Internet for some inspiration this week, I found a number of scarf headband tutorials on Pinterest – and in this case on Lucky Pony’s page. And I just washed my hair and it is frizzy and unkempt to no end, so I thought it would be a perfect time to give it a go. And I did!


Simple bow using a very short, square handkerchief scarf.


This was a super small scarf but I just teased out the corners and it ended up looking a little bit messy, but still cute (and matching the messy bun).


This was the method from Pinterest – laying your long scarf in equal parts around your neck and shoulders, bring both ends up over your head cross them twice so the same end that started on the left, ends on the left (and vice versa). You can either tie another bow back at the nape of your neck or tuck the ends in – because it’s very tight and firm, the ends will usually stay tucked away.


No make up, questionable angle, but you get the picture 🙂

So dig up your gorgeous yet underused silk scarves, and give your hair do a makeover that is perfect for a springtime picnic, movie date or girlie catch up.


Love to hear your ideas...

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