Week 13 Baby-Step Creation: Delicious Berry Ice Blocks

Although it’s only mid October, Summer is well and truly on its way. A whole weekend of glorious sunshine has brought forward the chance to create some tasty popsicles, hoorah! I wanted something super simple (as always) and I actually whipped these up in the 20 minutes I had before running off to an early dinner.


I found this recipe on Poppytalk’s adorable blog, and it’s for blackberry ice blocks. I’m much more of a raspberry fan, so I substituted thawed frozen raspberries. But besides that, all you’ll need is coconut milk, a little greek yoghurt, some fine sugar and finally some berry jam for that extra bit of luxury! You’ll also easily find ice block moulds at your local supermarket (or tucked away in the back of the cupboard since last summer).



This was about as simple as they come. I did make a massive mess filling up the moulds but I guess that’s half the fun =)


IMG_3806Oops – I wasn’t quick enough to take any photos before bites had already been taken out! They’re a hit at home with the boys – why not switch out the fruit and try blueberries or mango – or a combination, how delicious.


Love to hear your ideas...

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