Week Ten Baby-Step Creation: DIY Natural Citrus Air Freshener

As we’re leaving the winter months behind here in Oz (hoorah!), the one thing I will miss is pulling on my favourite tan boots. So as it’s now time to pack them and their friends away for the next six months, I don’t want the well worn leather sending odours through the wardrobe. But I’m not a massive fan of chemicals, and the thought of a bunch of ingredients I can’t pronounce spurting out of a coloured glass bottle plugged into the wall makes me positively queasy.

On Frankie magazine’s Facebook page, I came across this nifty tutorial on DIY citrus air fresheners, and all the ingredients can simply be sourced from your local supermarket or grocer.


This is another with very little direction needed – all you have to do is scoop out the lime or lemon and leave behind the rind. I started by using a small knife and teaspoon, but ended up using an orange juicer – that way I was able reuse the juice too (and you can remake the shape of the fruit in the next step when filling it up with rock salt).


Find an egg cup to pop your fruit in – this helps you pack the salt in, and creates a great little home so it doesn’t tip over.

Pack in the rock salt, pat down with the back of your teaspoon and you’re almost there. I popped out to the recently established herb garden (which, FYI, is going gangbusters!) and picked some of the chocolate mint for extra scent and decoration.

IMG_3733 IMG_3735

And again, that’s all there is to it! I’ve had the creation in my wardrobe for a couple days now (which is when it’s recommended to replace), and although the scent hasn’t been particularly strong nor immediately apparent, I have noted the absence of a shoey smell. I’m calling this a success =)

And the left over lime juice? I combined it with some water and it’s currently turning into delicious ice cubes in the freezer, ready for the summer gin and tonic season.


Love to hear your ideas...

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