Week Nine Baby-Step Creation: Personalised Gift Tags

It’s been a rather busy weekend so I’ve got a very quick creation ready this week that once you’ve got your supplies, you’ll be able to smash this in about five minutes.


A few weeks back I bought a whole bunch of adorable ribbons in a discount pack thinking they’d be great for gifts, and since then I’ve picked up some blank gift cards – now all I need is some home made wrapping paper and I’ll be completely self sufficient! As you know, cards can be expensive and a home-made card is always a bit special anyway, so why not find a quick and easy way to save some cash and put your own stamp on a gift.

And like the best baby-step creations, you'll only need a couple of supplies.

And like the best baby-steps creations, you’ll only need a couple of supplies.

You’ll need:

  • Blank gift cards
  • A quality black felt tip pen or marker
  • Some ribbon to compliment your style

And once you’ve got these items, go ahead and be creative!

Practice makes perfect.

Practice makes perfect.

Here is Maggie's present!

Here is Maggie’s present!


…and one from Fathers’ Day.

The sky’s the limit! Happy gifting 🙂


Love to hear your ideas...

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