Week Seven Baby-Step Creation: DIY Tea Bags and Tags

I am not a coffee drinker, in fact I don’t even like the smell of coffee. ESPECIALLY first thing in the morning. There, I said it… are you still there? I hope so, because for the tea drinkers among us I’ve got a fun tea bag craft project that would be a cute idea for a personalised gift or just to put a smile on your face during the morning tea break.

I found the directions via Frankie Magazine – you’ll want to check it out for the ‘how-to’ details. Another one with very few elements to gather together, the most important thing to do is find a loose leaf tea that you really dig. I find I don’t really drink much chai unless someone else makes it for me, so that was one of my picks.



Can’t get away from the coffee! Chop up some coffee filters to make your tea bag bags.

Again, check out the Frankie post, but with a few simple folds…

IMG_3671… and by adding a teaspoon of your tea of choice and stapling on a length of string…


… you’ll easily have your very own parcel of fragrant goodness all ready for its tea bag tag.

I had a couple of ideas for the pattern of the tags, and with the clay sculpting tools I could easily poke holes, slice straight lines and stamp circles – all ready to bake them in the oven. You’ll find both clay and the sculpting tools at the craft superstore.


Here’s where it got a bit more difficult, and keeping an open mind and a keen sense of what ‘trial and error’ means is very important. The online directions for baking the clay didn’t suit my over-enthusiastic oven and on my first try they ended up a little on the crispy/burnt side.

IMG_3692I made the tags a little thicker, and limited the cooking time to 8 minutes at 175’C and they worked out pretty well (and kept their colour). Letting them cool for a bit they hardened up some more too. Finally I looped them into the string and now I’m ready to impress at the next high tea. Or you could wrap them up in some cellophane and ribbon for a low cost, love-infused gift. Make sure you don’t throw the tags away and you can recycle them for the next batch.



Enjoying my tea in the sunny backyard, it doesn’t get any better than this =)



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