If you’re too busy to meditate, then you probably need to meditate.

Almost a decade ago I became interested in mediation, and although I was initially enthusiastically onboard (including Mum buying me Sogyal Rinpoche’s The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying), it fell by the wayside. Perhaps rather symbolically, the flyer for the meditation classes is wedged only about one third of the way into the book. So in the spirit of this blog I’ve dusted off the book and made my way back for round two at Buddha House.

And I am finding it fan-flippin’-tastic.


I had forgotten that feeling of blissful nothingness, the few fleeting seconds that you simply be you, without the worry of upcoming deadlines, running through the shopping list, or how you’ll approach your housemate about that overdue bill… What an amazing opportunity to be absolutely and truly just you, sans background noise.

And as they say during my Learn to Meditate class, no one is an expert right away. It can take weeks, months, years to get even a few seconds of silence. And how luxurious it is to have this one hour class each week where my phone is turned off, and I only focus on what is good for me, and me alone.

When most people are asked how they are these days, it has become almost mindless to simply answer: ‘busy’. And then there’s the theory that we can’t even allow ourselves to be bored anymore as we sit on the bus or wait for a friend at a cafe – within seconds we reach for the mobile phone. When this happens, you’re continually ‘busying’ yourself instead of letting your mind be still.

Therefore it’s very easy to have the perception that you’re too busy for meditation. I certainly thought I was, and there’s been a bunch of times I’ve almost skipped out on the class because of some reason or another. But really, it meant that I was meditation’s prime candidate. And you don’t have to attend a class (although I have been doing this and it’s THE BEST), just close your eyes on the train, wake up ten minutes before the rest of the household and just breathe in that pre-chaos serenity.

Go on, I dare you – do nothing for once and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.



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