Withstanding Stormy Challenges

Always one to write down great quotes on post-its and surround myself with these inspirational words at work, one of my favourites comes from Elizabeth Edwards:

She stood in the storm… and when the wind did not blow her away – and it surely has not – she adjusted her sails.

These words have a fearless strength to them, whilst calmly addressing the need to stay balanced and determine your way of getting through any and all challenges you will face in life.

As the granddaughter of Navy faithfuls, and with an affinity for all things nautical, I love to ponder the lives of the awe-inspiring women in my family who personify these words. My great grandmother, who ensured that her son born out of wedlock had the same chances in life as her daughter. My grandma, who took on the government to claim rightful compensation when the father of her children died from mesothelioma. My other grandma, who divorced her husband in a time where this was highly unheard of. And my mother, who works tirelessly to make those who have come from afar to feel loved and welcome in a country who hasn’t yet cottoned on to the true meaning of ‘we’ve boundless plains to share’ –> http://lesleywalk.wordpress.com

All I know is I’ve got a lot to live up to, but I’m ready for the challenge.


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