Week Three Baby-Step Creation: Soy Candles

In my humble opinion, candles are a staple crafty thing to do – I remember my Mum’s friend gifting us creme caramel coloured beeswax candles at Christmas time. Too pretty to burn, they often ended up gathering dust on top of our piano, or as an absolute last resort during the far too often power outages of an Adelaide Hills winter. Looking back now, there was a far greater reason they weren’t commonly lit up – burning candles in my family was a complete no-no (except in power-outs) due to the wild native bushland that surrounds the house as far as the eye can see. Bushfires in our part of the Hills have been devastating (think Ash Wednesday) and every summer my Dad put each member of my family through the water tank petrol pump drill. But as I’m no longer a Hills-dweller, I say candles ahoy!

I’ve found a whole bunch of ‘how to make candles’ pages on the the interwebs but the most simple, straightforward one I’ve stumbled upon is this page from LifestyleHome.

Soy candles

I wasn’t too sure what to set my candles in, but ramekins came to mind so I headed off to the local superstore to check out their cheap homewares section. I didn’t find any ramekins, but I did find these super cute handle-less mugs. Not a fan of them for housing my favourite warm drink (hot chocolate fyi… I’ll come back to this in a future baby-step creation), but just about perfect for other things that will end up filled with liquified heat.

Perfect for a cool-to-touch vessel.

Perfect for a cool-to-touch vessel.

I took the site’s advice and decided make it scented, although I was really disappointed with the range of essential oils at the pharmacies around town. Even the local weekend market didn’t have anything just right. Then I stumbled across The Honey Shoppe in the Adelaide Central Markets and struck perfumed gold! That shop is terrific, every oil you could ever ask for and an abundance gorgeous honey-based beauty products. I plucked the kaffir lime and coconut scent from the shelf and vowed to come back when I wasn’t just on my lunch break.

Just a few simple ingredients.

Just a few simple ingredients.

If you're using a stovetop with pretty hot elements, try making a double boiler out of two saucepans.

If you’re using a stovetop with pretty hot elements, try making a double boiler out of two saucepans.


Keeping the wick centred, kind of…

It really was pretty simple, I added about 15 drops of the essential oil to the melted soy candle flakes. Mine didn’t turn out very strong and I think I might double the amount next time. Another tip – over estimate the amount of candle flakes you melt for the canister you decide to use. I filled up my handle-less mugs and then added some extra and there was heaps more room for the candle wax. I made the two candles one after the other separately and the first one set with some serious cracks – I think it was because people kept walking past, accidentally disturbing it. I set the second one when the boys were all outside having a few ciders and this one turned out perfect.

The winning (second) candle!

The winning (second) candle!

I’m really happy how easy they were to make, and I’ve already got requests to make more. Next stop – french vanilla.




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