Generations of Crafters – Musings on Passing Down Your Talents

I received a great subscription email today (I know, right) from Felt, reminding me that ‘craft skills are traditionally passed down from generation to generation’.

And how true that is.

Both my Nannas were creative types, each in their own way. Whether it was knitting matching jumpers and skirts in the school colours, or turning mundane trays into decoupaged works of art. My mum always claims it skipped a generation, but she’s pretty handy with a needle and thread when absolutely necessary (and I’d argue that singing is absolutely an applicable form of art). My brother and I loved our after school craft classes, sacred time to sit with different friends from other schools and complete a cross stitch pattern from scratch. My mum still displays proudly little Matty’s macrame creations, now more than 30 years old. And now I see my brother’s son playing and creating in his sandpit and scribbling birthday cards for my dad. It truly warms your heart.

Lesson for the day – keep creating and sharing because you have the most magnificent skills to pass on to those around you.


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