Week Two Baby-Step Creation: Pom Pom Bookmark

Aside from my creative streak as a youngster, reading is one of those things that I love, but tend to have done less and less as I’ve become busy with work, life, etc. So I figured, why not create something to encourage me to read the book on my bedside table (not just barely eye-balling the cover it as I reach past it to grab my mobile phone…).

Gabrielle Blair’s blog ‘Design Mom’ was my inspiration for an easy to assemble, cute bookmark. Her post entitled ‘The Perfect Gift: Yarn Ball Bookmark‘ is a great mix of simple to make and simple to modify – any colours, any sizes, different ‘page holder string’ (I am aware this is not the most eloquent descriptor…).

Graph Pom

I chose some pretty standard wool in plain burnt orange, and also a pastel baby boy themed multicolour wool. Now is probably a good time to tell you that most balls of wool are long, so if you make a mistake you’ll have a lots more to play with until you get it right. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll need it.

I have been known to have random outbursts when frustrated. This was one of the ‘why-can’t-I-be-good-at-everything-straightaway-life-isn’t-fair’ outbursts, and this fledgling project almost made me give up on my year long quest. There was a fair bit of ranting (in the only way true crazy people do it – completely alone and in variations of loud and soft voices). I fiercely exclaimed that this was a stupid idea and berated myself for telling so many people at work about it because now I had to follow through with said stupid idea. I may or may not have thrown balls of yarn across the room and then had to sulk over and pick them up.

In short, trimming the pom pom is HARD. It’s like when you just cut a bit off your fringe because it’s getting a tad too long, and then you cut off a bit more because you don’t want to have to trim your fringe again in a couple weeks, and then before you know it you have a too short, spiky fringe that does NOT go with the rest of your long hair style and you have to braid it back for weeks. But with the pom poms you can’t hide your mistakes.

But I digress (are you still reading this..? I may have lost any male readers back at, well let’s be honest, ‘Pom Pom Bookmark’). I did get there in the end, and although they don’t look exactly the same, I’m happy with the way they turned out. I modified the orange one slightly, making the string of the bookmark into a simple fishtail braid.


Doing its job.

Doing its job.

My dad has recently re-discovered the much loved art of reading (one birthday present was read within 96 hours of handing it over), so he’ll now bag one of these as a belated additional birthday pressie.


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