Week One Baby-Step Creation: My Blog

First blog post. Compound words like ‘soul-crushing’, ‘crazy-pants’ and ‘career-ending’ come to mind.

I’m not silly enough to think I’m the first person on the Internet have these thoughts, but even acknowledging it on-screen makes me feel a smidge more on the brave side. Just a little finger’s width. This blog’s purpose won’t be to create the world’s greatest artefact of cultural musings, nor will it be full of tedious, uncomfortable sounding words that only professors of literature should use on a daily basis.

This is indeed my attempt to simply recapture the creativity that’s fallen down the back of the couch over the last decade or so. And with the amount of time I spend in my lounge room watching Foxtel at home, I truly do think it’s down there somewhere, but alas –  I’ve become too lazy to search for it.

Until now.

Long story short, the big boss at work recently asked me to think about what I wanted to do with my life, what ambitions I have. Neurones started firing in all corners of my brain, and now I think I know what I direction I want to go in (and get paid to do it), hoorah! But it led me to think beyond the 37.5  hours per week I sit at my desk – what about all those hours when I’m not in the office? I instantly realised I wanted to be creative again.

This is why ’52 baby-steps creations’ has been brought into the word kicking and screaming. I am absolutely aware that I’m a massive commitment-phobe, but I also have this excruciating compulsion to tell everyone what I’m doing, and where, and when. And why. And how often. And with who (look, I’m a details person okay?!) So naturally I told my housemates about my ‘creative weekends’ idea and the rest of the associated verbal diarrhoea as detailed above. And then it escalated really fast and before I knew it I was agreeing to designing a double, floor to ceiling wine rack with a built in step ladder. Now I have no choice but to commit whole heartedly – it’s on like Ron.

Industrial wine racks aside, I had a think about what I wanted to do for my inaugural week. What great and amazing creation would I slay first and proudly display upon this brand and spanking new blog? A strawberry soufflé? A 2-person hammock? A short adventure story? A lemonade stand? And then I remembered the name of my blog. ’52 baby-steps creations’. So I present to you, dear reader, my first creation.

I'm into sketch noting and like to scribble/doodle on any available bit of paper, so I figure this type of pic will be a big part of the blog.

I like to scribble/doodle on any available bit of paper, so I figure this type of pic will be a big part of the blog.

This blog. Whew. This has been the bravest thing I’ve done for a while, and I just went to Disneyland and went on the Indiana Jones ride. So let’s see how this goes – one week down and I think I’m ready to downgrade ‘crazy-pants’ to just ‘pants’.




Love to hear your ideas...

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