Thought Catalog Advice – “Pursue Everything”.

I am a mad fan of Thought Catalog. The authors are so diverse and brilliant, recording in the public realm the things that you would NEVER dare say out loud. To yourself. Down a well. In a vacuum. How they are so expressive and fantastically articulate is amazing and I don’t know how they do it but I love it. So this blog will feature a fair bit of Thought Catalog because it’s too precious not to shout from the rooftops.

Lindsey O’Connor’s recent work The Best Piece of Advice Ever: “Pursue Everything” is something that resonated with me as I started thinking about my mini projects. I had been thinking, “oh no, the sewing machine is broken, so I can’t do anything that involves stitching”. I’d also thought “oh no, the hot glue gun is missing, so I can’t do anything that requires sticking things together”. But should they good enough reasons not to do something?

“Weak Kate, weak,” I’m now scolding. “Fix the sewing machine, find the hot glue gun – you’re a 21st century woman, you can have it all (hat tip, 30 Rock). Pursue everything!” And I surely intend to. Stay tuned, because I’ve located the hot glue gun.



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